Saturday, June 7, 2014

Shelf Expression

  Our League Topic of the week from over at Cool and Collected: Shelf Expression!

  From top to bottom:

 Alaska and I are still unpacking*, so my Rogue shelf is currently a bit bare. That gargoyle on the left I've had for 19 years.

  Eventually, I suspect that third shelf will be nothing but Funko Pop! characters.

  Marvin the Martian was one of my first loves, and I've been collecting him for about 25 years, now. This is less than a third of my total collection, I just didn't have room for everything. (The water in that snow globe isn't really that yellow in person, although it is 20 years old)

  Scooby lunchboxes and "Stuff Jars." The lunchboxes were all gifts from different people, there's some more Marvin stuff mixed in, and all of the jars are what I call "Stuff Jars." Basically, I get a clear jar, I put small random stuff in it (ex: Native American pipe pieces I dug out of my grandparents' field, small weird toys, quite a few things from my childhood that I have managed to hang onto, the occasional animal bone, things my baby sister has given me, empty liquor bottles from my trip to Amsterdam, small rocks and shells, etc) and when it's full I seal it up and put it on a shelf. It's kinda like a jar full of memories, I guess.

  *I have an idea it will be interesting to revisit these shelves in six months or so, and see what else I have unpacked/added/removed.

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