Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Find

  This week's topic from The League:  The Find!

  I had a pick for this topic almost immediately, since one of my all-time favourite finds sits right on the mantel in mine and Alaska's office. Allow me to introduce you to:

"Machete Phil"

   To start this off, let me first explain that I am not a collector, or even a "fan," of rabbits.  So what first drew me to pick this baby up was the weird, curled feet.

   Pretty neat, still not anything magical, and then, I flipped him over:

   A machete. This clothed, wooden rabbit with the curled toes is packing a goddamn machete! It was just so wonderfully bizarre that I had to bring him home with me. $4 later, and Machete Phil was mine.

   I've tried finding other rabbits like this online, but have thus far been unsuccessful. I would love to find out something, anything, about this machete wielding bunny. (I did see a rabbit like this in a horror movie a few weeks back. A girl walks up a winding staircase, and there is a more elaborate example of "Machete Phil"  hanging on the wall, with what looked like legs made from some type of animal horn)

   Item number 2 also resides in our office. Please meet:


   Fluffy is a wonky-looking, hand-carved fish about the size of a watermelon. I ran upon Fluffy in a local consignment shop, and was immediately in love. His $25 price tag, however, scared me away. Several months later, I went back to the shop for another round-about, and there was Fluffy, now marked down to $5. Obviously, he came home with me that day. And when he did, I saw this:

   Yes, that states that Fluffy was originally priced for $110. I was gobsmacked, since, despite my immediate love of him, I had balked at paying $25. Anyway, Fluffy is obviously hand-made, but with no artist marks that I have been able to find.

   One last find:

   I love this vase. It's got pomegranates and bats on it. Bats!

   I honestly thought the pomegranates were bloody, gaping mouths when I first saw this. It was just another "too weird, too unusual, too cool" object that I had to have. And I got it, for $1. I have seen other "fruits and bats" vases, but usually on Ebay and for rather large sums of money. So, I'm pretty sure this is just a knock-off of one of the more expensive vases, but I love it anyway. (So did Alaska. We both actually wanted to purchase this vase, I simply beat him to the punch. It's been at least 4 years since the purchase, yet Alaska still occasionally refers to this as "The bat-vase you stole from me." And I still just laugh at him, because all's fair in love and yard sales)

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Local "Blues"

  This weeks League topic : BLUE!. Upon reading that, the first thing that popped into my head was this:

 After I got that out of my system, I considered that my town is chock full of "blue" things, and set about making a list of them. This is what I came up with:

Our state flag, for starters.

Blue skies.

The Blue Angels. They do not reside here,
but put on a show at our Air Station most years.
It's always been a big thing.

Great Blue Heron

Blue Jay

Blue Crabs

Blue Tail Skink


Blue Hydrangea



The Gullah people and their culture are quite fascinating, 
our town hosts a "Gullah Festival" every year.

 Blue bottle trees

Based on superstition, it's said that the 
bottles trap evil spirits at dusk.  The spirits are held there until
morning, when they are burned away by
the morning sun. This is another Gullah tradition that has been
scooped up by Southerners. Most of the people in  my
family have bottle trees in their yards.

"Haint Blue"

"Haints" are spirits, trapped between our world and the spirit world.
They are not pleasant, "just want to see my family" ghosts, these
are "I'm angry and I want revenge" type of ghosts. Because they cannot cross
water, the slaves used to paint porch ceilings, window and door frames in
a watery blue-green colour, that supposedly confused the ghosts, tricking them into
thinking that they could not enter the abode. This practice is still alive and well today 
(so much so that Sherwin Williams came out with their own version of "Haint Blue.")

A couple of examples. I did not take these pictures, but
later I will be taking and posting some photos of a
few houses around here. (In certain areas, all of the houses,
including the newly built, have their frames and sills painted blue.)

  The South is a fantastic place full of ghosts and superstitions. And blue things.  Hope you enjoyed this, and thanks for reading!

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hello, My Name Is....

  I've been reading Cool and Collected for some time now, but until a nice guy who goes by The Goodwill Geek suggested that I join up with The League of Extraordinary Bloggers, I simply skulked around in the background, reading but never commenting, flying under radar. But that ends today! With the current topic in place, and a 2 week deadline, I made up my mind to do this. (Although I still almost missed it) But, I am here now, so let's get busy!

Hello, my name is… Tell us a little about yourself — even if we all know who you are, there are plenty of new folks wondering if you’re in fact a dog.

  Hi, everybody! I am Natural Blonde Killer, although that isn't what my parents call me. They named me Robin, which means that I have spent my entire life listening to Batman "jokes." (If I had a nickle for every time someone said, "You're Robin? Where's Batman?" my husband and I would be retired on a sailboat right now) I also go by Rogue, which a friend dubbed me with about 14 or 15 years ago, and is the name that I normally use online. 

  I live in SC, in a historic coastal town that has been used in many movies throughout the years. I've met several celebrities thanks to that, but I'm not one to get all crazy-excited over people who I see on a big screen. They're just people, after all, some of them a hell of a lot nicer than others.

  I grew up with a love of horror, something that my parents always supported, and a passion for books. I was almost cripplingly shy for the first 10 - 12 years of my life, and to this day I still sometimes have anxiety when walking into a crowded room, or having to make conversation with someone I don't know.

  I'm married to fantastic guy whom I call "Alaska" in my other blog (cuz, he's from Alaska) and we share a mutual love of books, superheroes, and plundering through flea markets, antique stores, and the Goodwill (I envy some of you and your fantastic Goodwill finds, our store sucks eggs) We have an American Staffordshire Terrier named Oliver Queen (yes, named after the Green Arrow. Alaska is a huge comic book fan and collector, although I was the one who named the dog) 

  A couple of years ago, I set up a few blogs as a way to help me keep up with some writing. Unfortunately, those blogs just sat there, getting moldy and stinking up the joint. Then, one day, I was thumbing through one of my many notebooks and came upon a bunch of lists I had made, dropped the number of items from 8 to 3, and wham! bam! Threes was born. It's mostly movie lists, but I do veer off into books, toys, and music, at times. I have one other blog, "Mario Goes....", which I'm not linking here since there is only one post. I am happy to say that Mario should be back to posting within the next month. 

  Now, here we are at the Happy Haunted Sunshine House, which I set up primarily to join The League. There will be other things posted here, eventually. Things that don't fit the format of Threes . Random things. Happy things.

  So, there you go, a little bit about me, and mine. I thank anyone and everyone for reading!

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