Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Find

  This week's topic from The League:  The Find!

  I had a pick for this topic almost immediately, since one of my all-time favourite finds sits right on the mantel in mine and Alaska's office. Allow me to introduce you to:

"Machete Phil"

   To start this off, let me first explain that I am not a collector, or even a "fan," of rabbits.  So what first drew me to pick this baby up was the weird, curled feet.

   Pretty neat, still not anything magical, and then, I flipped him over:

   A machete. This clothed, wooden rabbit with the curled toes is packing a goddamn machete! It was just so wonderfully bizarre that I had to bring him home with me. $4 later, and Machete Phil was mine.

   I've tried finding other rabbits like this online, but have thus far been unsuccessful. I would love to find out something, anything, about this machete wielding bunny. (I did see a rabbit like this in a horror movie a few weeks back. A girl walks up a winding staircase, and there is a more elaborate example of "Machete Phil"  hanging on the wall, with what looked like legs made from some type of animal horn)

   Item number 2 also resides in our office. Please meet:


   Fluffy is a wonky-looking, hand-carved fish about the size of a watermelon. I ran upon Fluffy in a local consignment shop, and was immediately in love. His $25 price tag, however, scared me away. Several months later, I went back to the shop for another round-about, and there was Fluffy, now marked down to $5. Obviously, he came home with me that day. And when he did, I saw this:

   Yes, that states that Fluffy was originally priced for $110. I was gobsmacked, since, despite my immediate love of him, I had balked at paying $25. Anyway, Fluffy is obviously hand-made, but with no artist marks that I have been able to find.

   One last find:

   I love this vase. It's got pomegranates and bats on it. Bats!

   I honestly thought the pomegranates were bloody, gaping mouths when I first saw this. It was just another "too weird, too unusual, too cool" object that I had to have. And I got it, for $1. I have seen other "fruits and bats" vases, but usually on Ebay and for rather large sums of money. So, I'm pretty sure this is just a knock-off of one of the more expensive vases, but I love it anyway. (So did Alaska. We both actually wanted to purchase this vase, I simply beat him to the punch. It's been at least 4 years since the purchase, yet Alaska still occasionally refers to this as "The bat-vase you stole from me." And I still just laugh at him, because all's fair in love and yard sales)

Check these guys out! (My husband, joining The League!)


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