Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy Anniversary To Me!

  October 20th marks one year of wedded bliss for Alaska and I, and we have rented a cabin in NC to celebrate (a Cabin in the Woods, if you will) Along with that wonderful gift, I recently received another in the mail. The newest addition to my Trick 'r Treat collection:  Animated Sam!

  I've wanted one of these adorable things since I first learned of their existence, but an original price tag of about $70, shipped, definitely turned me away. I kept an eye out for a price drop, and recently picked this guy up for about $25, shipped (his price is still fluctuating on, fyi, so it's possible he will drop even lower than that)

  Here is Sam in action. I did not take this video, as I soon discovered that the sounds Animated Sam makes scare the hell out of our dog, Oliver Queen.

  Animated Sam joins the ranks of my other Sams:

The larger book is about the movie,
the smaller, softcover is the graphic novelization.

This is quite a fantastic book on the ideas behind and the 
making of the movie. And it includes all kinds of extras:

A little graphic novel of Season's Greetings.

Some really cool postcards (8 of them, I believe)


Jack-o-lantern stencils.

Sam mask.

Sam poster! (that I totally forgot was in the book until this post,
but which now hangs beneath Laurie in our office)

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  1. Replies
    1. I can honestly say that I did not see a big difference in picture quality, but it does have some nice extras on it!

    2. THAT's the main reason I need to get it! The extras are not on the DVD!!!