Monday, June 16, 2014

A Surprise Box For Me!

  As the few readers of my blog(s) know, I am obsessed with the movie Trick 'r Treat, and I have the corresponding obsessive need to collect Sam merchandise as I can. Back in May I received a Sam Funko Pop!, and in the comments of that post, Dex over at AEIOU......and Sometimes Why remarked that he had an extra Sam plush doll that he would be willing to part with. I declined for reasons, but, unbeknownst to me, my husband contacted Dex and purchased plush Sam anyway. The box arrived last Monday (on my husband's birthday, no less) and not only was there my newest adorable Sam, but Dex had sent other goodies as well. So I'm going to show them off, because it was totally unexpected, and awesome! But first, here's my new Sam:

  Look at the adorableness! After I shift the height of a shelf or two, he will be joining his kin on what I suspect will one day be known as the "Sam shelf."

  I have seen cups like this, but never one that had a zombie on it! And it says "Zombie Blood." I love that! I plan to use this as my "I have to leave the house but I need to take a drink with me" cup.

  A handful of creepy-crawlies, pumpkins and a skull. I actually collect skulls- fake human ones and real animal ones (as an aside, I feel the need to mention that I have never killed an animal for its skull, I've just lived near woods and marshland my entire life, and so I find them) so this little skull cutie goes right up on the shelf. The pumpkins now reside on the "Sam shelf" and the spiders, adorable purple bats (I really love the purple bats) , and millipede went into one of my "Stuff Jars." The ant sits next to the black rat, and the black rat, well, he joined his family:

Pardon the dust- these rats are so old the dust is, literally,
a part of them now.

  The dusty rats (whom I always referred to as "my three blind mice") are part of a witch costume I wore when I was 9 or 10. I still have the spiders from the same costume, but they are shoved into one of my Stuff Jars. Anyway, my three blind mice now have a new friend, Willard. (And before another horror nut sees this and goes bananas, yes, I know that Willard was the guy and Ben was the name of the rat.)

  Anti-bacterial "vampire blood" hand gel. This is both awesome, and practical, as I always carry hand gel with me in my purse. Also, it smells pretty delicious. 

 Sorry for the flash, it was a bitch trying to get a clear shot. 

  Bottle stickers! These are awesome, and with two of each sticker in the pack, I have an idea for an art project utilizing a couple of them.

Again, pardon the flash.

  Halloween stickers! I love stickers, and Halloween stickers are the best kind. I've been dying to open them up and start putting them on stuff, but had to wait until I had taken photos for this post. 

  And lastly, this fantastic pirate skull key chain. As soon as I pulled this out of the box, Alaska claimed it. ("It's a pirate key chain! That's mine!" I believe are the words that he used) And since he's a great husband who provided me with a plush Sam, he loves pirates, and it was his birthday, I couldn't say no. 

  There we are- my surprise box full of goodies. Thanks to my husband, and double thanks to Dex

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Shelf Expression

  Our League Topic of the week from over at Cool and Collected: Shelf Expression!

  From top to bottom:

 Alaska and I are still unpacking*, so my Rogue shelf is currently a bit bare. That gargoyle on the left I've had for 19 years.

  Eventually, I suspect that third shelf will be nothing but Funko Pop! characters.

  Marvin the Martian was one of my first loves, and I've been collecting him for about 25 years, now. This is less than a third of my total collection, I just didn't have room for everything. (The water in that snow globe isn't really that yellow in person, although it is 20 years old)

  Scooby lunchboxes and "Stuff Jars." The lunchboxes were all gifts from different people, there's some more Marvin stuff mixed in, and all of the jars are what I call "Stuff Jars." Basically, I get a clear jar, I put small random stuff in it (ex: Native American pipe pieces I dug out of my grandparents' field, small weird toys, quite a few things from my childhood that I have managed to hang onto, the occasional animal bone, things my baby sister has given me, empty liquor bottles from my trip to Amsterdam, small rocks and shells, etc) and when it's full I seal it up and put it on a shelf. It's kinda like a jar full of memories, I guess.

  *I have an idea it will be interesting to revisit these shelves in six months or so, and see what else I have unpacked/added/removed.

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